As seen on Instagram: A space to focus

The Assembly - desk

With children going back to school this month, the vibe at home may change from unbridled chaos to a reassuring sense of routine. But as the toys and video games are replaced by textbooks and laptops, it’s important to find a suitable spot where the children can focus on homework, whether they’re independent learners or need a bit of support from the rest of the family.

We’ve seen some great examples of grade A workspaces shared on Instagram. From dedicated workspaces that are conducive to concentration, to inviting kitchen tables and bar stools, here are some of our favourites.

Insta desk 1

Calm concentration

We love this dedicated spare-room workspace from insideoutnumber20. With a generous desk surface that easily accommodates a whopping three screens as well as a notebook and pen, this is the homework spot of dreams. The shelf above, complete with storage box and files keeps clutter out of sight, while muted tones and stress-relieving plants keep everything calm. Task lighting is provided via a stylish adjustable lamp, and the quirky calendar and artwork take things to the next level.

Insta desk 2

The multipurpose table

The kitchen table is the centre of family life: as well as being the place where everyone comes together for meals and discussions, it also serves as a workbench for hobbies, arts and crafts and, of course, homework. The chunky solid wood and metal of @thecjhome’s kitchen table is reassuringly sturdy, while the matching bench and mid-century style chairs give seating options to suit different activities and preferences. The monochrome colour scheme and use of plants keeps the space looking coordinated and zen.

Insta desk 3

Efficient multifunctional spaces

While the primary purpose of the bar stools in the kitchen of @countrysidedunham29 may be for enjoying a drink while keeping whoever’s cooking company, they also make a great casual homeworking spot. With a generous worktop space offering enough room for a laptop or a couple of books, this layout means parents can offer a helping hand on long division while staying ahead of the dinner prep. Clear surfaces and an abundance of plants contribute an air of calm, while the feature clock adds a sense of focus, and the skylights throw some light on the subject.