AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM: A Sense of Belonging to Nature

As seen on Instagram: A Sense of Belonging to Nature Beinspired blog

A Natural Phenomenon

One small change can make a big difference and has the potential to transform your life or someone else’s completely. That mantra applies to our interiors too and the latest nature-based design trends are perfect proof of this. 

In nature, inspiration is everywhere and on Instagram, so is ‘biophilia’. The point of biophilic design is to bring us closer to the natural world and it also has the power to improve our mental health. So it’s easy to see why so many of you are incorporating it in your homes - especially during the darker winter months. 

Endless Possibility

You may not have realised it, but helping you feel a connection to the environment is something our architects and designers give a great deal of thought to.

From skylights in the bedroom to french doors in the kitchen / diner and big, bay windows in the snug, we take advantage of every possible opportunity to let the outside world flood in.

Meaningful Details

There are some simple steps you can also take to welcome nature into your homes and for @our_stratford_home, it’s all about the little details. 

It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day this week and this is one couple who clearly appreciate the fresh feel and vibrant colours that plants bring into their home. Their Instagram platform shows plants dotted all around and we love how in this small corner, they even manage to transport you to tranquil, faraway seas.

Joy and Emotion

This month’s trend is about nurturing a deep connection to the natural world and that also includes the animals we share it with too. 

@ourellesmere home recently welcomed this gorgeous little kitten into their lives and for them, he’s made their house their home. Our pets teach us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and just from looking at these pictures, we’re simply crazy about Shadow!

The Greatest Feeling of All

Our home exteriors are just as important as the interiors and it’s heartwarming to see @chauncyhome getting excited as they watch the road they’re going to live in start to take shape. 

We want all our buyers to feel a jolt of happiness each time they arrive home and by blending the exteriors into the natural habitat, we can help to create a real sense of place.

Your home is your world after all - it’s the place where lifelong memories and friendships are made - and it’s somewhere that should feel drawn towards time and time again.