AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM - How to add colour to your home

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A little pop of colour

It pays to let your personality shine through in your home and even if you’re a fan of the clean and minimalistic look, you can still have some fun by adding a subtle splash of colour here and there. 

One trick is to use nature as your cue and take inspiration from your surroundings - it’s one @thatcosyhome has mastered by incorporating bright sunshine hues into an already beautifully sundrenched space.

ThatCosyHome Instagram - Surrounded by style


A statement of individuality

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits with what you can do in your home. This should be the one place you can be completely yourself. 

So if you’re keen to create a bolder impression, consider incorporating features that demand attention. This stunning living room by @casa.samba is full of personality brought about by striking colours and statement pieces of art.

CasaSamba Instagram - Surrounded by style


Soft and Subdued

Whether you want to create a vibrant environment or something altogether more calming, feature backdrops are popping up everywhere and it’s easy to see why. They work for a variety of shades and patterns and as you can see from @sidhu.residence, they look particularly stylish with soft muted colours and clean lines.

SidhuResidence Instagram - Surrounded by style