AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM: A guide to dazzling Christmas interiors

Snowy Abbotsfield home

The Season’s Glitziest Trend 

This is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year here at Countryside. As families gather together to decorate their homes, we watch on as our developments fill with the colours of Christmas.

Front doors are adorned with festive wreaths, windows are dressed with dazzling displays and bright, glistening lights line the streets throughout all of our developments.

lornawest10 Instagram photo


Head over to @lornawest10’s Instagram to see exactly how it’s done and whilst you’re there, why not take a look at the magic our homeowners are sprinkling all over their interiors too?!

We love how much you’re embracing both your creativity and this year’s sparkliest trend! 

Sparkle is Officially ‘In’!

It’s one of those trends that you have to make the most of while it lasts and from what we’ve seen so far this month, you can’t get enough of it!

‘Tis the season after all and whether it’s subtle, shimmering snowflakes or shining, glittering sequins - there’s nothing quite like a little bit of sparkle to get you in the party spirit. 

31housetohome Instagram photo


@31housetohome has created a beautiful Christmas display beside their French doors and it's a look which becomes all the more spectacular against the backdrop of the frosty morning view.

It’s Your Time to Shine

For @40.the.palace it seems that all that glitters is indeed gold! On their Instagram you can see just how excited they are to be celebrating their first Christmas in their new home and how they’ve introduced just a hint of glimmer to bring instant shimmer to their seriously stylish all-white interior.

40.the.palace Instagram photo


Get a Little Extra

@ournewbuildlife have gone to town with their decorations and they’ve even put a tree in their master bedroom, complete with twinkling lights and golden leaves.

ournewbuildlife Instagram photo


You can’t help but light up inside when you see their pictures and it’s impossible not to smile when you read their posts “We’ve been slightly extra this year and put a tree in the master but we absolutely love it.”

Just one more…

If @behindnumber39’s post is anything to go by, it seems they’re not the only ones who couldn’t stop at one Christmas tree “Another room, another tree.” And what a beautiful tree it is!

behindnumber39 Instagram photo