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As seen on Instagram

Invite light into your life

Natural light isn’t a new phenomenon per se. Buyers have always been attracted by the clever design hacks we use to bring light into our homes. @athomeatnumber3 is loving the beautifully bright spaces created by this combination of skylights and windows: “One of my favourite things is the kitchen and the skylights, this room is always filled with light and feels so nice and airy!”

After a year of hibernation, sunny spaces have understandably become a must-have accessory. Not only does the glow of light look good, it feels good too and has countless benefits for the brain and body


From sunrise to sunset

From the moment you wake up, having an abundance of light flooding through your home is a real mood booster. So making the  most of big bay windows in the bedroom, as shown here by one of our interior design partners @designhousemcr, is a great way to start the day that will have countless benefits for the brain and body.


For many, natural light is now the deal breaker and it’s easy to see why so many of our buyers are drawn to it - as captured here by @31housetohome. 

The light makes a statement of its own, transforming the space throughout the day and acting as a connection to the outside world: “One of the deciding factors for why we chose @countryside_inspire home was how much light every room gets.”