The seasonal wardrobe switch


As the weather begins to warm and the spring flowers bloom, we tentatively shed our winter woollies and thoughts turn to aperitifs in the garden, barbecues and holidays.

Even if your wardrobe space is generous, a seasonal clear out can help free up space and enable you to focus on the clothes you want to see rather than those that are no longer appropriate for the weather. But knowing how and when to tuck away the knitwear and crack out the summer wardrobe is always a tough call.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the change to the new season…

  1. Get the timing right

The old Scottish saying ‘ne’er cast a clout till May is out’ is a good rule of thumb. But don’t focus solely on the weather; it’s also about making sure you have enough time to do the job properly.

  1. Do a full wardrobe audit

Take the time to get out all the clothes in your wardrobes and drawers and decide what you are going to keep in circulation, what to pack away and what you no longer need. It’s about making tough decisions: if you haven’t worn an item over the past few months, will you wear it next winter? Could you free up more space by sending it to a new home?

It’s also important to review your summer clothing. Try things on and make sure you still like them before giving them valuable wardrobe space.

  1. Pack away your off-season clothing

It’s best to have a designated space for your out of season apparel: a wardrobe in another room, under-bed drawers, or in an easily accessible loft all work well, but it’s best to keep everything in one place so you can find it easily.

It’s also important to store clothing well so it doesn’t get damaged. Boxes with a lid or zip give added protection or, to maximise storage space, consider vacuum storage bags.

  1. Don’t dump – donate

People have set up donation points for clothes and blankets up and down the country to support refugees from Ukraine. To find one near you, check your local news outlet or search online. Alternatively drop your preloved garments at your local charity shop.

  1. Clean and organise

Use this as an opportunity to clean the inside of your wardrobe and drawers before neatly arranging your clothes ready for the summer fun. Investing in matching hangers will keep you focused on the clothes rather than the disorder, and using boxes in drawers can keep accessories tidy. Hanging items together by category and then by colour will look neater and help you find items quickly during the morning rush.