Revealed - spring trends and official colours of the year

Spring interiors - Eaton Fields Foss

As we ready ourselves for entertaining once again, many of us are exploring how we can also ready our homes to match. To give us a bit of inspiration for creating a look that will last beyond spring, we spoke to Karen Vincent-Ernst from Open Door Interiors. 

Where should I start with a Spring makeover?

Karen suggests: “This spring is all about texture and natural fabrics. When designing your spring-themed look, focus on layering soft woods, raffias, and linens to freshen things up and also ensure you’re creating a cosy family home. A natural palette will create a light living space but have fun by injecting a pop of colour to lift your mood.”

Why am I seeing more greys in design at the moment? 

Karen: “You may have spotted that designers have been tapping into one key colour recently - grey. Don’t let dull and dreary images of clouds and dark skies put you off - this is a versatile and timeless colour and one of my favourites because it provides such a fantastic base on which you can layer. 

“‘Ultimate Gray’ is actually one of Pantone’s Colours of the Year for 2021, alongside ‘Illuminating’. The two shades were chosen by the international colour masters for their ‘warmth and dependability’ which of course makes a lot of sense when you consider the year we’ve had. 

“Grey conjures feelings of solid and dependable foundations - think stones and pebbles - which are everlasting and hardy. Grey also harks back to our desire to feel anchored when we’ve spent such a long time with everything up in the air. 

Spring interiors - Pantone Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

“Contrasting with this more serious, grounding tone is an optimistic yellow shade which reflects an uplifting and positive spirit. Describing its “Illuminating hue as ‘a bright and cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity’ Pantone explains that as people look for ways to ‘fortify themselves with energy, clarity, and hope to overcome the continuing uncertainty’ these shades satisfy our quest for the life emerging around us. Used together, these two ‘instagramable’ colours could create the perfect spring update you’ve been looking for.”

Spring interiors - Eaton Fields Foss

How can I get the look? 

Karen suggests: “For your kitchen or family room, consider a mix of greys and yellows, broken up with a clever mix of fabrics and textures. Use linens, velvets and silks within your upholstery to lift the space. Accent a bold yellow piece of furniture with smaller yellow details around the room - whether it’s some coasters or a simple vase in the corner.

Spring interiors - Kitchen Dining room designs

“As it’s spring, also consider how you can complement the green tones blooming outside your window. Green notes in your decor or through foliage will create a really inviting space to unwind and invite guests into when the time comes. 

Spring interiors - Living room designs

“For the bedroom, don’t be afraid of using a dark shade on the wall which will subconsciously create a safe, cosy feel when you’re tucking up at night. An oversized channeled headboard also does a beautiful job of ensuring your room gives you a hug - and adds an elevated, luxe touch as well. Pair with silk cushions and timeless grey tapping back into your 2021 colour palette.”

Spring Interiors - Bedroom designs

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