Part of something bigger


Buying a house has always been about more than just bricks and mortar. The street you live in and the neighbourhood you belong to can have a profound effect on quality of life.

Research from University College London has shown that the pandemic has boosted our sense of community, with feelings of unity and community rising threefold, and 32 percent of Britons saying they felt an increased sense of shared values with their neighbours, up from 9 percent the previous year.

At Countryside, nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see new friendships formed between neighbours and new communities being built.

Although the setting up of community groups is a regular occurrence at Countryside developments across the country, Milard Grange in Houghton Regis – which forms part of the wider Bidwell West scheme – has taken it to a new level.

The Bidwell West Community Association has set up numerous organisations, from Bidwell Football Club (which started with just six people getting together and entering a local league, but now has over 30 members on its books) to community fun days and community safety groups.

As the weather improves, the Sunday Stroll Society and the Bidwell Running Club should certainly expect an influx of new participants. Walking groups are amongst some of the most popular, which isn’t surprising when you consider the number of Countryside developments that are just a stone’s throw from some of the country’s most idyllic settings.

What the Community Association in Luton has managed to achieve, by simply bringing people together, has been fantastic to see and has really strengthened that community feel at Milard Grange.

Groups, clubs and organisations at Countryside developments across the country are so important to us creating sustainable communities where people will love to live.

If you’re interested in finding out more about clubs and community activities in your area, Countryside representatives should be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, contact us directly or look on social media at the various community pages that have been set up for each development.

And if you can’t find the club you’re looking for, why not consider setting one up? It’s an incredible opportunity to meet likeminded people who could be living just doors away.