In with the new: top décor trends for 2023

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Our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Just as we are constantly changing in response to new experiences, ideas and external influences, so too do our tastes, our requirements of the space around us and the things we want to surround ourselves with.

As we start a new year, it can be a good time to reassess what we want from our homes and whether the things around us still reflect our requirements, our tastes and the current mood.

If you’re feeing in need of a refresh, we’ve taken a look at the top design trends of 2023 to help you bring your new home to life or add a contemporary sense of character to your current haven.

Be brave with colour

For years, whites, beiges and greys have been the go-to colours for interior decorating and styling. But, following a couple of years characterised by pandemic lockdowns, there’s a sense that life’s too short for boring décor and vibrant, rich or pastel colours are back in vogue. Paint is an obvious way to embrace this trend, but if you want to be brave on a smaller scale, it can be as simple as purchasing a statement rug to go in your living room, some playful scatter cushions, a striking piece of art, or other furnishings to incorporate some pops of colour into your home.

Embrace the natural look

More of us are becoming conscious of our environmental impact and wanting to lead greener lifestyles, and this is impacting current design trends. Using furniture or decorative pieces made from sustainable materials, such as rattan, aluminium and linen, can help us create rooms that are both sustainable and on trend.

Another way of reducing our carbon footprint when searching for the perfect interior design aspects is to be thrifty. Whether it’s in charity shops or online marketplaces, there are some great vintage staples out there waiting to be rehomed or upcycled, creating great spaces with a minimal carbon footprint.

Design Trends

Light it up

Fashionable lamps are a must-have for 2023 and are also a great way to create a powerful impact in your home. Choose a showstopping lampshade, adorned in your favourite colours or patterns to help brighten up a room, or a dazzling chandelier for your overhead light to create a decadent and luxurious ambiance.

Go retro

Another trend for this year is investing in retro pieces and designs to display in your home. Interior trends tend to do a full circle, and aspects that were considered chic in different decades are now being admired again. This includes abstract wallpaper, dark wood furniture and pastel tiles.