Moving for Love: Alex and Bethany dream big and go the distance

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Despite living thousands of miles apart, Alex and Bethany dreamed of a future together and after seven years, the couple switched Skype for a dream home in the Lancashire countryside.

Alex (31) and Bethany (27) first tied the knot in Alex’s hometown of Salem, Massachusetts and were excited to begin their married life in the UK. However, the pandemic then struck and Alex’s visa application was held up for the next nine months.

Undeterred, Alex persevered and finally joined Bethany in the UK but with all their savings spent on the immigration process, the couple had to move in with Bethany’s parents to save for a home.

Short term needs

Alex said: “We were both working remotely for companies in the US so ended up sleeping and working in the same tiny bedroom right next to each other for 18 months. 

“We also needed a car, so went for a cheaper option and cut back as much as possible. You name it, we saved it - and it’s paid off!

Long term targets

“Since moving out of Bethany’s family home, we’ve been renting a house at a Countryside development nearby in St Helens and we love it, but what we wanted was to invest our savings in a home of our own. 

“We soon began househunting and had been really impressed with our rental property, so we knew Countryside’s developments would be a great place to start. 

“We quickly came across Brookfield Vale in Blackburn and were sold on the scenic location. It’s only a short distance from Manchester, which is great, but this wasn’t a deal breaker for us.

“We have two dogs, so a garden and outdoor space were non-negotiable. Plus, we didn’t want to pay a premium for a property in the city centre when we could put our money into a bigger, more modern property in the suburbs and get the enjoyment out of the house itself.

Love, comfort and stability

“I see Blackburn as a picturesque, up and coming area and our new house has everything on our wishlist - it’s a fully detached, energy efficient new build with a garage and it even has the beautiful white facade we were looking for.

“We’ve had a few setbacks along the way - and had to pay a huge amount to save one of our dogs after a medical emergency - but we’ve also had a lot of support from Bethany’s family, as well as Countryside and its advisors. With their help, we’ve found a way to make our dreams come true.”