Meet BoConcept, our exciting new interior design partner

Example of BoConcept Interior Design

As we spend more time at home than ever before, we’re excited to introduce our buyers to BoConcept, our new interior design partner at Rochester Riverside, offering bespoke solutions inspired by the Danish aesthetic.

Michel Baumgart, BoConcept’s Business and Contract Director, explains what this partnership means for purchasers at Rochester Riverside.

The whole idea behind this collaboration with Countryside is to offer complimentary furniture design solutions that truly work for the end-user whether buying a house or an apartment at Rochester Riverside. It’s a bespoke service, and as part of our work with the purchaser we identify their needs and preferences as well as the context of the property they’re buying, ensuring not only attractive, but also clever design, completely free of charge.

As part of our offering, buyers get a budget to spend with BoConcept* and can choose to either furnish the entire home or select some of the key items, which is a great option for movers who may already have some furniture they’d like to keep.

What does the process entail from a buyer’s perspective?

As soon as the client reserves an apartment or a house**, we will start the conversation about what they’d like their dream home to look and feel like. Our team of interior designers use a 3D software and the floorplan to identify the best options for the client, providing a range of suggestions across colour schemes, textures, over 120 fabrics, and more, resulting in a truly personal approach.

How long will it take?

The initial conversation will take place as soon as the buyer reserves – this way some of the preparation can be done in advance, saving them time. We will run a virtual or in-person client consultation in one of our showrooms, so that they can familiarise themselves with our products., They will then receive a 3D plan with their selections that they can review before committing.

Once the exchange has taken place, the buyer can place their order, and from that moment onwards, the whole process will take up to six weeks. The furniture will be delivered after legal completion on a date that suits the client.

What do customers want now that the home has become such a central part of our lives?

Desks are definitely becoming more popular as more of us embrace home working. Another trend we’ve been witnessing for quite some time is biophilic design, as part of which we bring elements of the natural environment into the home by using plants or natural materials. There’s been a big focus on wellbeing, and bringing nature indoors often helps transform spaces in a positive way.

For more information about the packages available with BoConcept at Rochester Riverside, please call 01634 776 942 or email our sales consultants at [email protected].  

Alternatively, click here to view the BoConcept brochure or visit their website:

*Budgets depend of the type of chosen property, see more information in the brochure

**Purchasers who use Help to Buy are also eligible for the design incentive