A Magical New Beginning For Countryside Buyers

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A Moment of Magnificence  

It’s mind blowing to think that one moment can cause our path in life to change direction. It’s something we see often here at Countryside; a single chance event leads our buyers to us and in turn, shapes the lives they’re living today. 

Of course, we’re always curious to hear how our buyers first found out about us. There are countless remarkable stories to tell but they all have one thing in common - a single, standout moment in time that changed the course of their lives forever. 

An Unexpected Turn

A quick Sunday morning stroll to the shops turned into a life changing trip for Dave Haselden and his partner Vicki. On their way to pick up a fresh loaf of bread, the pair walked by Countryside’s Abbotsfield development, popped in to take a look, and left with a new house.

Dave said: “We were on our way to the supermarket when we saw the sales cabin at Abbotsfield. It hadn’t been open long and there weren’t any show homes yet but we just thought ‘lets bob in’ and see what’s available. 

“We’d been looking for the right place to buy after 18 months of renting together, but nothing had felt quite right. When we saw Abbotsfield we loved the layout of the community and how open it is, and the New Stamford was the perfect fit too. 

“Our friends and family were amazed with how quickly we made it happen. We only popped out for a loaf of bread and there we were reserving a new home!”

A Chance Encounter

Despite vowing never to buy new build, Gemma and Paul are moving 266 miles from Dorchester to their brand new home in Lancashire after seeing a video of Ribblesdale Place in Accrington.

Gemma comments: “We’ve been talking about our forever home for the past eight years and knew we could afford everything we wanted if we moved to the North West. With me now working from home, it meant that it was an option. 

“I grew up near Accrington and worked in the town centre, so know it well and have a lot of family and friends there. We started looking just as the market was picking up and put an offer in on a second-hand house - but so did six other buyers and we were outbid. 

“With house prices rising, we wanted to move quickly and stepped up our search. We’d always said we’d never buy new build - the ones we’d seen in the past didn’t seem to have any character - but when we came across this one video of the homes at Ribblesdale Place, we completely changed our minds. We called Anne at the sales office who said it was still available and decided to go for it.” 

A Split Second of Awe

For Elliot and his partner Rob, the pivotal moment came whilst they were scrawling through Instagram. In a small but significant space in time, a picture that we’d shared caught their eye. 

It’s something that could have been missed in the blink of an eye but instead, they’d discovered their dream home at City Fields in Wakefield.

Elliot commented: “It sounds so unusual but we honestly did discover the home of our dreams on Instagram. After getting in touch with Countryside and organising our Covid-safe visit, we finally stepped foot in The Lea showhome and we knew immediately it was the one. We thought ‘wow, this is it’!”

We’ve all experienced a moment when something unexpected happened that changed the course of our lives forever. Could this be yours...?