'Lockdown helped me find my dream home'

City Fields buyer Sian

Spending more time researching online in lockdown led Sian Nortcliffe to discover her dream home in Wakefield was to be made a reality with Help To Buy.

Having spent months researching ahead of an upcoming family move, Sian Nortcliffe discovered her dream home online within two weeks of lockdown with Countryside. Now looking forward to moving in, Sian believes her dream house was only discovered thanks to the extra time spent taking virtual tours online and finding out that she was eligible for Help To Buy. 

Sian has just reserved her new four bedroom Dunham home at Countryside’s City Fields development in Wakefield, thanks to the government-backed Help To Buy Scheme. Sian, a Station Commander in the Yorkshire Fire Service, commented: “I’ve owned a couple of properties before, and currently living in a new build, but I just wish I’d discovered Countryside and also Help To Buy sooner. This time in lockdown has given me the headspace to really weigh up my options and scrutinise everything more than I might have done otherwise - so feel I’ve been able to make a really well informed decision with buying with Countryside.”

Earlier this year, when Sian discovered she needed to relocate for work, the mother of two and on-call fire officer found herself tasked with finding a property within her coverage patch but also large enough for family life. 

Before speaking to Countryside, Sian was unaware that she was eligible for the Help To Buy scheme: “As a sole purchaser, Help To Buy has genuinely enabled me to buy my dream property with the four bedrooms I’ve really wanted for my family. As I’ve owned a property before I hadn’t really considered it as I thought it was only for first time buyers - obviously it will be for anyone reserving after December 2020 so I’m glad I managed to get in before the deadline. I’ve used it to get a stunning forever home as well as a decent mortgage.”

Sian also believes buying a new build provides her with everything she’s looking for in a home when it comes to being able to make your mark. She said: “The homes are beautiful already as they’re so light and bright with those gorgeous skylights and French doors, but I also love that I can put my stamp on it before I’ve even moved in. For example, I’ve really enjoyed the process of picking out my own tiles for the bathroom and kitchen. I’ve had a new property before but somebody else had already specified it before I came along to buy it. This time it will be my house and my taste completely.”

Sian also wasn’t willing to compromise on location: “The location of City Fields is absolutely stunning, it really is a beautiful place. I do trail running and ultra marathons so it’s the perfect location for getting outdoors. I looked at other estates nearby and they’re all too built up for my taste. Everyone I show images of my new house to says ‘wow’ and wants to know who the developer was. Beautiful houses in a lovely place!”

Christopher Penn, Regional Operations Director, Partnerships Yorkshire, Countryside, commented: “I’m delighted that Sian has discovered her dream home with us here at City Fields. Sian is a great example of the buyers we speak to all the time, who simply didn’t know that Help To Buy could make all the difference to their property search. We also know how the last few months cannot have been easy for Sian as a frontline worker - who also needed to find the right home - so it’s fantastic to hear how pleased and excited she is to be moving into this new Wakefield neighbourhood.”

City Fields buyer Sian and her daughters
Sian and her two daughters

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