Lockdown gets young buyers moving

St Helens buyers Hannah & Ryan

Meg (24) and Lewis (26) were meant to spend 2020 travelling but when the pandemic hit, their plans came to an abrupt halt. Meanwhile, Hannah (23) and Ryan (23) found themselves separated after just one year of dating - living apart with their parents and restricted from spending any time together. 

With nothing to do and nowhere to spend money, lockdown enabled Meg & Lewis and Hannah & Ryan to start saving for their future far faster than normal.

Meg told us: “After spending lockdown in our Liverpool flat, we were ready to buy our first home and find somewhere with a lot more space. It wasn’t the plan we originally set out with - we thought we’d be travelling the world before buying - but lockdown accelerated our timeline and made us see homeownership in a new light.”

St Helens buyers Meg and Lewis

When it came to finding the right home, it was a perfect combination of location and layout that they were looking for. Meg added: “We loved living in the city but it just didn’t make sense to stay there - we needed more space and wanted to be closer to our family. We also knew that our main priorities were having a bigger kitchen and a separate living room, as this is where we spend most of our time. Having the space for our friends to stay, when the restrictions lift, was also important to us.”

Graduates Hannah & Ryan were living apart with their parents when the lockdown hit. When Hannah spoke to us she said: “Very early on in our relationship we discussed buying together but we assumed we’d have to wait a while. When the second lockdown was announced, that was the final push for us as we’d had enough of living apart.” 

Each couple landed on a Countryside three-bedroom New Ashbourne house type which is purposefully designed with family at the forefront. The modern open-plan kitchen/dining room is a socially and family-friendly space, with the garden easily accessible through stylish French doors. 

Hannah added: “The main selling point was the specification and everything that comes with a Countryside home. We have friends who have paid much more for standard things like flooring but with Countryside this was included. This saved us money and hassle too.

“Having the space upstairs was also really important as Ryan works from home permanently. A third bedroom that we can turn into an office is just what we need.”

Meg & Lewis and Hannah & Ryan utilised the government-backed Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme to help them secure their new homes. Help to Buy is available subject to eligibility (T&Cs apply)