Lion dancers bring Chinese New Year to life in Beaulieu 2020

CNY event 2020

Beaulieu’s residents, along with other visitors, were able to enjoy their very own Chinese New Year celebration recently, as a troupe of lion dancers and food caterers set up near the Beaulieu Oaks marketing suite to bring the popular event to life.

Children and adults alike gathered to watch as a set of pounding drums made way for the lion’s dramatic entrance. The dance began slowly, with the sleeping lion slowly coming to life before exploding into a dramatic display of moves, based on the ancient art of kung fu.

The dance culminated with a lucky young resident being offered the honour of feeding the lion a small piece of fruit. Of course, this was not done before the lion gave the child its cue by batting its giant eyelashes. The act of feeding the lion is known to bring good luck to whoever is fortunate enough to do so.

Once the dance concluded, residents were able to enjoy a variety of complimentary Chinese dishes which included Szechuan Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Beef in Black Bean Sauce, among others. Vegetarian options and a variety of noodles were also on offer.

After the first show in Beaulieu Oaks, the lion marched its way towards Beaulieu Square for a final dance. Residents socialising in Costa Coffee or buying their weekly groceries at Sainsbury’s popped outside to enjoy the sound of the drums and watch the spectacular last dance.

Overall, it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon that gave Beaulieu’s community a chance to gather, socialise and enjoy the little things that make the development such a wonderful place to live in.

Lion dancing has been a tradition in China for a long time, but its origins are unknown. It’s thought to have been introduced from India or Persia where lions were more common. Despite this curious anecdote, the dances have been a longtime tradition during the Chinese New Year, bringing good fortune and prosperity wherever they are performed. The beat of the drums is also believed to drive away evil spirits.

The evening ended with residents taking their turns in getting their photos taken with the lion. And on that note, the majestic lion roared, waved its tail and marched off into the sunset…..until it graces Beaulieu with its presence once again next year.