Let there be light

Ashop bedroom

As the sparkle of the festive season fades, the short days and long nights needn’t dampen your spirits. Natural light forms one of the main design features across Countryside’s whole housing range and, this month, we’ve taken a look at how you can maximise light in your home.

Natural light

Natural light has many health benefits including boosting vitamin D, warding off seasonal depression and improving sleep. These are just some of the reasons why getting natural light into our homes has been such a big focus for our house designers.

All our homes feature large high-quality windows and doors to maximise natural light in your home. Our open-plan kitchen/diners feature light enhancing skylights and French doors allow you to take advantage of every last beam of natural daylight all year round.

Kitchen, Baberton Grange
The Lymington, Baberton Grange

Maximising natural light

Mirrors can help bounce both natural and artificial light around a room and can make a room feel both bigger and brighter.

To reflect daylight from a window in a large room, hang a mirror either on the adjacent wall or across from it to create further space and light. Use a mirror to brighten a smaller room by positioning it directly opposite a window to create the illusion of another window and maximising the light.

Define spaces with lamps

Individual light sources can help transform a room by zoning spaces and providing a more sophisticated, layered feel. Think about the areas of your room you want to highlight and play with different options: a floor lamp next to a comfortable armchair can create a cosy reading nook perfect for winter evenings; a table lamp with a dark shade next to a bookshelf can add a sense of depth and sophistication; while neon lighting and wall art put the lighting centre stage, creating a bold new feature.


Choosing the right bulb

Choosing the right bulb can change the whole character of a room. Light bulbs not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes but now offer options of warm white, daylight and cool white meaning you can change the feel of a room with the flick of a switch or even by simply changing a light bulb. Smart bulbs give you further options, letting you dim the lights, switch between cooler and warmer settings and even experiment with colours, all through your smartphone.

Countryside has chosen warm white bulbs as standard to create a cosy atmosphere in areas you want to relax with friends and family. It is it a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen/dining rooms where everyone is gathered together. All homes are fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting including chrome LED downlights in the kitchen/diner and bathrooms.