“Lenders are seeking innovation.” Scott Howitt, Chartwell Mortgage Services

Expert Advice: The insider’s guide to mortgages

Scott Howitt at Chartwell Mortgage Services is a master of mortgages, and with Help to Buy no more, we caught up with him to find out what the options are for first time buyers.

Promisingly, he says: “The product selection and the range of products is probably bigger than it’s ever been in the past.” 

Mortgage availability

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“Lenders in the UK at the minute are offering mortgages and they are still readily available,” Scott says. 

“With the end of Help to Buy, lenders want to help and what’s interesting, is they’re all seeking out innovation.”


“We’ve got more products in the market and we’ve got lots of new lenders, who are emerging with schemes that are very encouraging and doing things that are making me sit up and say ‘I’ve not seen that before’.”

The advice from Scott right now is to ‘never close the door on anything’.


If you’re wondering what your options are as a first time buyer, why not reach out to a mortgage advisor and ask the question?

We often underestimate the importance of one small step, but sometimes all you have to do is take the first one, and then the next one follows.