Kirsty Booker and Leah Grace purchase their first 2-bedroom apartment together at Beaulieu Oaks


First-time buyers Kirsty Booker (27, servicing executive at Vauxhall) and Leah Grace (23, finance executive) already lived in Chelmsford when they decided to take the next step and buy their first home together at Beaulieu Oaks. Previously, they each both lived with their families – in a 4-bedroom and 3-bedroom home – but wanted to see what Beaulieu had to offer, having seen its evolution firsthand over the previous years.

Kirsty says: “Leah and I are very pleased with our new home. It has the best of both worlds, in the sense that you can unwind after a long day at work, surrounded by green open spaces and some lovely properties. However, you still have easy access to Chelmsford by bus or car and it’s right by the A12. I also love the fact that you can walk down to Beaulieu Square and you have a Sainsbury’s and Costa right there. It’s a good way to bump into your neighbours and get to know them.”

Another key element that attracted Kirsty and Leah to purchase their new home at Beaulieu Oaks was the interior and open plan layout of their apartment. They both agree that their new home is easy to upkeep which suits them well, given that they both work a lot during the week.

Kirsty also highlights the excellent level of customer service received throughout the buying and post-purchase process as another key factor that has made everything easy and convenient for her and Leah.

She says: Countryside were massively helpful throughout the whole buying process. For a first time buy it all seemed very daunting but Carol and Leslie who we deal with down at Beaulieu Oaks were fantastic. They pointed us in the right direction every step of the way. This included making recommendations for mortgage advisors and solicitors as required. They also updated us on a regular basis which gave us a lot of confidence. Any question we had they answered on a timely basis. We started the ball rolling in August and had everything tied up by November.

Located in an area that was once the hunting grounds of King Henry VIII, the vision for Beaulieu was to create a vibrant new integrated community for the city of Chelmsford, bringing together 3,600 quality new homes in a range of styles to suit different tastes, preferences and income levels. To achieve its vision, the development offers a blend of inspirational architecture, well maintained landscape and open space, a plethora of amenities, new transport connections, sports clubs, community gardens and more.

Adding to the appeal of the development as a whole are a number of eye-catching public art installations, which spread out across it. In addition to creating beautiful landscapes, Countryside has also allowed for wildlife and biodiversity to flourish around the development. The Beaulieu Land Trust was put in place to ensure that the surrounding environment is well maintained.