A Journey of Discovery - A Guide to Green Mortgages

 A Journey of Discovery beinspired blog

An Unforgettable Experience

It takes a lot of amazing people to build a Countryside home and even more to look after you on your buying journey. Our sales consultants will be with you from the very beginning and you’ll meet a lot of our other colleagues and partners along the way.

If you’ve been through the buying process with us already, you may have come across the highly knowledgeable (and downright lovely) Scott Howitt from Chartwell Mortgage Services. Scott is one of our trusted advisors - it’s his job to scour the market for the best mortgage deal to suit your needs and here he explains how the mortgage product you choose can have a lasting impact on the planet.

A Dream Destination

Scott comments: “This year, you’re going to be hearing more about green mortgages than ever before. As a nation, we’re becoming acutely aware of climate change and in response to a growing demand for sustainable products, more and more lenders are offering mortgages that will also help to make Britain greener.

“With some extremely competitive rates, it seems like a bit of no brainer, but you might be wondering how this all works in practice.”

A World of Wonder

“Essentially, this mortgage type offers special rates to its users, in return for choosing to buy homes with low Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). These tend to be more modern homes and as a result, green mortgages are becoming increasingly popular with customers who are buying new build properties.

“Ultimately, the motivating factor is that people will be rewarded for buying a home that is more energy efficient - this is something that Generation Z has rightly driven, but whether you’re thinking about yourself, your children or your grandchildren, the reality is that new-build homes have some of the most eco-friendly credentials.”

A Change of Perspective 

For those of you with an eye on the future, it seems green mortgages could be a bit of a game changer and there’s certainly more than meets the eye with Countryside homes when it comes to sustainability.

If you’d like more information on green mortgages, then Scott and his team at Chartwell Mortgages Services will be more than happy to talk you through the detail and if you want to find out about the many energy saving features in our homes, then you can do so here - you could be reducing your carbon footprint by 89% just by buying newbuild.