Imagine...your brand new office space

Witham office Radclyffe Gardens

The past twelve months have forced us to adapt to unprecedented changes and after years of not wanting to bring work home, many of us have finally had to make room. With some taking over their dining room tables and others resorting to repurposing the ironing board, for those who find themselves in a small home that doesn’t fit their current needs, it’s been a particular challenge. 

Months later and with many now contemplating a no-commute role in future, the new ways of working may be here to stay. So, if you need to get down to business at home, here’s how to find some work-life harmony in your own space. 

‘Welcome to my home office’

Wherever you set up shop, the must have items for every home office will include a computer, desk and chair. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room for a dedicated workstation, don’t forget to add that personal touch to maximise the space. 

Dunham office City Fields

From clever storage solutions to hide all those files to a comfy chair or sofa to take a break from too much screen time, ensure the space works around your personal routine. The right lighting is also vital and adding a plant or two will help to brighten up the room further and help keep air clean and fresh. 

‘Zen meets Zoom-ready’

One thing we’re all more aware of is the view our colleagues have on all those Zoom calls! Take control of the awkward moments by creating a low-key, professional background. 

Dunham office The Colleys

Be proud of your surroundings by hanging artwork, installing a bookshelf or painting the walls in a colour that inspires you. The added perk of having a dedicated office space is that at the end of the day, you can shut the door and keep your work-life balance intact. So give this room a makeover to help distinguish it from the rest of your home.

Homeschooling O’Clock

Homeschooling Egerton Grange

Of course, it’s not just the adults who are having to adapt to a new normal. With schools closed for most children, their learning is currently continuing at home. Our little ones need a space of their own too to help them concentrate and stay motivated. 

Homeschooling Classroom Egerton Grange

The open plan layout of a Countryside home offers the perfect opportunity to recreate the classroom at home and work the room around your new family lifestyle.


For older children and students whose classes and lectures are now taking place in their bedrooms, creating an area within their room where they can focus is key. Position their desk against an inspirational wall and keep it clear and clean of clutter - just the essentials.

Homeschooling Bedroom Milard Grange

Even if the rest of their room is in chaos, a minimal workstation will help to maintain that separation between bedroom and classroom. Don’t let the desk take up too much space and by clearing their work away at night, it will allow the room to turn back into their favourite hideaway.

Bedroom Office Stonefield Edge

Every space is unique to each individual’s work habits, which means a home must adjust to each and every person. Why not see how a Countryside home could transform your family’s work-life balance? Start planning your new office today by taking a virtual tour of your new home