How social media could put your home at risk

Woman working on laptop

How many of you have ‘checked-in’ on Facebook as soon as you reach the airport or your tropical holiday destination?

Facebook say the UK’s major airports are the amongst the most popular locations used to let friends and family know where you are. But have you ever thought what the impact of your seemingly harmless social media activity could have on your life and personal belongings? Here are four social habits to avoid to keep your home safe.

It can be surprising to see how much of your personal information is readily available from your social media accounts, particularly with the likes of more open platforms such as Instagram. Are you confident that all of your Facebooks posts are private and only shared with friends or your personal Insta content is not geo tagged? Our homes are the most expensive asset we own so why put it at risk by allowing criminals to use your social data to find out your home is currently vacant? Being aware of these habits could help keep you and your home safe.

1. Check in at Home

So many Facebook users have created home check ins to let people know when they have arrived home. Criminals can build up a pattern of your movements to determine when you are home or indeed out. Check ins also provide map locations, providing further information as to where your home is.

2. Check in at the airport or holiday destinations

It’s obviously exciting jetting off to warmer climes for your annual holiday, however those airport check in status updates on Facebook can let criminals know that your house is going to be empty for an extended period of time. Likewise, letting your Instagram followers see your morning sea view or daily poolside lounging, can give too much detail away to prying eyes.

3. Posting pictures of new cars or expensive items

As much as we like to show off shiny new cars or our latest gadgets, posting about these high value items can make you a target for theft and burglary. If you really can’t resist then make sure your account privacy settings are all private and your content is only available to friends.

We place home safety as a priority with all of our security conscious designed developments and our homes are fitted with digital intruder alarms as part of our standard specification. Find out more at your nearest development today!