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Despite the UK government’s introduction of a new energy price guarantee that should ensure typical households pay no more than £2,500 a year, bills are still set to increase substantially from 1 October. Whereas being sustainable was once simply the responsible thing to do, now more than ever it is becoming a financial priority too.

The built environment generates around 50% of annual global CO2 emissions. But new-build homes generally offer buyers a more environmentally friendly – and more wallet-friendly – option compared to older properties.

Data shows that owners of new-build houses save an average of £555 a year, which is equivalent to three weeks of an average mortgage or the cost of a takeaway coffee every working day for a year. And these figures do not include recent energy price hikes, meaning actual savings will now be even bigger.

Keeping it cosy

As summer turns to autumn, it’s reassuring to know that Countryside’s homes are 27% more efficient than the national average, thanks to a host of efficiency measures such as A-rated boilers and smart thermostats, LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances.  Homes all have double glazing while windows and external doors are draught proof, helping to keep heat in. Furthermore, additional roof insulation and thicker walls help minimise heat loss.

Saving water

This summer’s drought has also highlighted the importance of saving water. Our kitchens and bathrooms incorporate water-saving measures without compromising on functionality, such as showerheads and taps that aerate water giving the sense of strong flow while using less, and dual-flush toilets. These features mean our homes use a fifth less water than the UK average.

A combination of our changing climate and energy price inflation is putting sustainability ever higher up the agenda. With Countryside you can be sure that your home is being kinder to the environment and to your bank balance.