Five top tips for your garden makeover

Silkin Green Garden Image

The best thing about this time of year? Enjoying the last of the sunshine of course! What better way to make the most of the rest of the summer holidays than your own back garden.

From festival vibes to children’s playground, whatever your garden theme this year, our green fingered designers share their top tips and tricks for giving your outdoor space a 2019 summer makeover.

1. Light it up

With home technology growing at such a rapid pace, it’s only natural that it would filter out into the garden. For example, create a romantic feel with delicate outdoor fairy lights cascading down the garden fence or go all out summer festival with festoon lighting hanging from the trees.

Adding spotlights to your favourite part of the garden, and stylish solar lights to illuminate the pathway, creates a social hub to enjoy long after the sun goes down.

2. Go Green  

Can you really have too many plants? Mix and match your plant selection to create a pop of colour that blooms every summer. Whether they’re in planters, hanging from a shelf or thriving in a flower bed, don’t be afraid to go bold with your plant selection – just do your research first to ensure you’re up to the maintenance required. 

Hanbury Place garden

3. Feature Area 

Whether it’s a large patio area, a feature water fountain or a stunning floral display, locate the spot in your garden that will become the focal point and the rest will fall into place. If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can’t go wrong by making the ‘social area’ the main focus of your outdoor space. 

The Davey, Atelier

4. Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit and veg comes with many perks. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to tuck into a fresh salad that you’ve grown yourself, but it’s something that even the little ones can help with (supervised of course). Plus, it’s much easier than many people think! Pick your favourites – from courgettes to tomatoes – and you’ll be on your way to the perfect summer vegetable garden.

5. No Wasted Space 

Any sized garden can be transformed into a fantastic outdoor space. Tables and chairs are always an easy option for smaller gardens.  However, if you have a large garden then a pergola will make a fantastic space to host parties and BBQs for your friends and family.

Just remember, before you get started on your garden makeover, ensure you’ve planned out how you will use every inch of space to really the most of your outdoor area.

Royal Hill Park Garden Exterior