First time buyers Live Greener with Countryside

Countryside buyers Oz and Tilly with son Kaiya at Reynolds Place

For first time buyers, Tilly and Oz Tezel, living in a converted mill came with rising energy bills and a large carbon footprint. Keen to cut their winter heating costs in a more environmentally friendly home, the couple looked to leading home builder, Countryside.

Tilly (30) and Oz (29) had been renting their apartment for over three years and with son Kaiya starting school, the couple decided the time was right to find their forever home. With more space and energy efficiency high up on their wishlist, Tilly and Oz found everything they wanted with Countryside.

Tilly commented: “We loved our apartment but when you’re living in a building that was built in the 1800s, the reality is that you spend so much money heating your home in winter and keeping it cool in summer. When we decided to buy our first home, we knew we wanted something much more energy efficient.”

Tilly and Oz have bought a three-bedroom Longford, which comes complete with a range of efficient features inherent to the design of every Countryside home. These include high performance boilers, insulation and double glazing, LED lighting and a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system, which provides continual filtered fresh air to create healthier and cleaner homes.

Tilly continued: “I think everyone is becoming much more environmentally aware and we want to do our bit; raising a family makes Oz and I think about what we can do now that will make a difference in the future - for us but more importantly for our son. To be able to reduce our carbon footprint means a lot to us.

“Obviously we also want to spend less on our home’s running costs and we have already seen a difference in our energy bills, which is amazing. We’re even looking at ways we can do more. We plan to install a smart meter and a water tank to collect and recycle rainwater to water the garden and wash the car.”

Tilly and Oz have joined many home buyers who are benefitting from the energy efficiency and environmental measures in Countryside’s homes. It is estimated that buyers can save up to £1,723 a year on energy bills and reduce their home’s carbon footprint by approximately 89% when compared to an equivalent 1930s property. 

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