Expert Advice: The insider’s guide to mortgages

Expert Advice: The insider’s guide to mortgages

“I’ve got 27 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, so I’ve seen the ups, the down, the lows, the highs.” 

Meet Scott Howitt, Sales Director at Chartwell Mortgage Services and a trusted advisor to many Countryside customers.

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We recently caught up Scott to ask what advice he would give to anyone looking to buy right now.

The best piece of advice

“The best piece of advice probably hasn’t changed, ever, in my view - preparation is key. 

“People need to budget properly - not only for what a mortgage might cost them, but all the associated costs that go with it.”

Start back at the beginning 

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“It is really important that people don’t overstretch themselves. Don’t buy right up to the limit, where it’s ok buying the property, but then actually living in it ends up not being affordable.

“I always start right back in the beginning, in terms of good budget planning - make sure you can afford it, make sure it’s going to be comfortable for you, make sure it’s going to be sustainable when you’re in there as well.”

Prepare for the future

“Make sure if your mortgage rate goes up, you’re able to absorb the cost of that. 

“Right now, where we’re at with the cost of living, in terms of energy, it’s important to know you can afford those things.

“I also think what’s overlooked is life changes for lots of people. Budgeting is really really important. 

“Choosing the right mortgage advisor, the right mortgage company, the right mortgage product is key to ensure it fulfills everything you want it to - both now and in the future.”