“Everything happens for a reason…it was the perfect timing for securing our dream home”

Wolsey Park - case study image

Jamie Tomlinson (43) and his partner Yasmin Fox (42) began their property search at the start of 2020. After putting their home which they’d been living in for over 20 years on the market, the family of four were able to secure a new build home at Wolsey Park in Rayleigh, Essex just four months later - despite the COVID-19 lockdown.

“The stars really seemed to align for us,” says Yasmin. “The original plot we liked at Wolsey Park was reserved by another buyer but became available again. We went straight down to view and sign for it when we heard it was on the market!”

The family bought a well laid out ‘The Rowan’ house type at the development – a four-bedroom home with spacious bedrooms and meticulous design details that they hadn’t seen at other local developments. After a quick chat of what the family were looking for, the sales team at Wolsey Park were able to match them with their perfect house type that would suit their busy family lives and working schedules.

Jamie, who works as a finance manager, and Yasmin, a community centre worker, live a short walk away from Wolsey Park and have witnessed its rise out of the ground from the very beginning. Using Help To Buy, they were able to acquire a government loan for their dream home, which was valued at £575,000. Recent changes to the Stamp Duty Levy Tax (SDLT) means that Jamie and Yasmin will save up to £15,000, making the experience of getting their new home all the better.

Both Jamie and Yasmin are incredibly pleased that they will hardly have to lift a finger when November comes around and they complete. Jamie comments, “We’ll be able to carry our belongings when it comes to moving day. We’re both itching to get settled but we’ve got plenty of time to think about interiors and any new furniture we might need. With Wolsey Park being so local, we can also save money on the removals process.”

Yasmin has a keen eye for the design and finish. “The build quality was really impressive and to be honest, it was the smaller details that really made it for us. The rooms were all evenly balanced and there weren’t any hidden extras if we wanted a better specification.” Going further, she comments, “If I could replicate the show home’s interiors, I absolutely would. When we went to see it, my heart was set – I’m now spending the time trying to replicate it for when we move in and trying not to think of what we’ll save in stamp duty as extra spending money!”

The pair had quality in their minds when surveying the various developments in and around Rayleigh. With family close by, their jobs anchoring them to the area and their daughter Laila (13) going to the local secondary school, their next move had to accommodate for their current lifestyle arrangements. “The other new build homes in the area were all very much the same and when we looked closer to home than we originally had been, we found that Wolsey Park offered better specifications at a lower price point – it was kind of a no brainer,” says Jamie. Yasmin chips in to say, “It was rather annoying that other housebuilders asked for an extra £1,000 if you liked a certain finish, we Countryside, it was all included making it better value for money.”

A home with a study was very appealing to Jamie as he continues to work from home. The separate study space in The Rowan means the family will be able to close the door behind them on working life and enjoy the rest of the home with family and friends. Yasmin comments, “Mia (their eldest daughter, 18) is heading off to university this year and the study will be great for when she comes home during the holidays too.”

“We’d be happy to move in tomorrow, but we’re just so pleased that it all worked out in the end for us and we ended up getting the house we wanted,” says Yasmin. Jamie, with some lasting words continues by saying, “It makes it worth the wait when you know you’ve got the home you always wanted.”

Wolsey Park is a new parkland community offering 500 two to five-bedroom homes set amongst 50 acres of natural beauty. Wolsey Park, with its emphasis on balance and quality of life, has a number of large, open green spaces with waterside lawns, children’s play areas, cycleways and walking routes for residents to enjoy – all of which connect the home to the great outdoors. With great transport connections and local amenities, homes at Wolsey Park are unrivalled.