Enterprise Car Club comes to Rochester Riverside

White car on pavement with mobile phone

Countryside and Enterprise Car Club have partnered to provide residents of Rochester Riverside with a range of exclusive deals.

The Enterprise Car Club is an easy and affordable way to access personal transport without the hassles of car insurance, tax and basic maintenance. Car ownership can bring problems and pressures that you could well do without, so Enterprise Car Club takes over the running of a vehicle and leaves you with the simple pleasure of driving. It’s also a truly eco-friendly option for people needing to get around at a low cost, as car clubs allow members to use cars only when they need to. It’s even estimated that, for every car club vehicle on the road, up to eight private vehicles are taken off the road. As a result, this helps decrease the number of cars on the road which reduces CO2 emissions.

Enterprise Car Club is doing its bit for residents and our community at Rochester Riverside, making it a greener place to live.

Residents can reserve and unlock car access using the handy Enterprise Car Club app. With 24/7 access all year round and coverage across the UK, the cars are always available for rent. Rochester Riverside itself has access to two on-site Car Club vehicles, with two parking bays on Corys Road behind the marketing suite. Residents can rent by the hour or by the day, with prices starting from just £4.95 per hour. This makes the Enterprise Car Club a cost-effective alternative for those without access to their own personal vehicle.

On top of the money saved from renting with Enterprise Car Club, Rochester Riverside residents can benefit from great discounts on membership fees. The first year’s membership is totally free, and members get 10% off Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Residents who partake in the scheme, get a £50 driving credit when they go to www. EnterpriseCarClub.co.uk/ROCH50 and use the ROCH50 offer code.