Designing homes people love with Andy Fox


There are many benefits to buying a new-build home that would-be homeowners aren’t aware of.

Of course there’s the newly fitted kitchens, bathrooms and even fitted flooring, but what about the technical aspects?

From sound and water reduction, to energy efficiency and ventilation, we spoke with Countryside’s Associate Director of Technical Standards, Andy Fox, who gave us the inside scoop on the top benefits for buying new…

Sound Reduction

"We actually sound test the walls in many of our new homes to reduce the amount of noise that would otherwise filter into neighbouring properties – a common issue with older terraced or semi-detached homes. Even a small reduction in decibels can make a huge difference to a homeowner’s quality of life, not to mention the benefits this would have for neighbour relations!"


"When it comes to ventilation, it’s about providing the best air quality. Our systems are designed to reduce humidity, which helps to eliminate any issues caused by poor ventilation in the future, whilst also improving the air quality inside the home."

Water Reduction

"Water reduction is something homeowners can end up spending a small fortune on when updating their old fixtures. Our new-build homes, on the other hand, are already optimised for low water usage, which is a huge bonus for buyers as they can save a lot of money in the long-term.

The showers and sinks in each Countryside home are designed to use less water, as the technology used produces water flows that feel much higher than they actually are. There’s also the toilet systems. Not many people are aware of just how much water their toilets use on a daily basis! The systems in our homes are designed to work more efficiently with low water pressure, meaning they use less water per flush."

Energy Efficiency

"A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to beat energy efficiency ratings, including air testing each home to ensure that energy efficiency is maximised. This is a real distinguishing feature for Countryside as the homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, saving homeowners £100s per year on their energy bills. Not only that, but customer feedback plays a significant role in the design of our homes and eco-friendly features have become a must-have for homeowners.

In my experience, both at Countryside and as a building surveyor, I do believe that it’s the quality of design, specification and finish that sets Countryside apart from its competitors. Between inspecting our developments first-hand and working closely with the customer service teams, we’re always looking for ways to further improve our offering and ensuring the materials, systems and appliances used are the most efficient for everyday life."

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