In conversation with … Abode, interior designers of the new show home at The Burrows

The Burrows Show Home

We caught up with Jon Pilling, Design Director at interior design house, Abode, to find out more about the design inspiration behind the new show home at The Burrows – our new development in Paddock Wood, Kent.

Set within picturesque countryside, yet moments from the thriving towns of Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, The Burrows is perfect for those looking for the ideal blend of town and country living. Offering the latest chance to experience what life could be like at The Burrows, here’s what Jon had to say…


What was your inspiration of the design behind the homes?

‘We took inspiration from the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui when approaching the design of the show home. Feng Shui is the practice of arranging living space to create balance with the natural world in order to create harmony and calm between an individual and their home. We wanted to design a modern space which felt homely and generated comfort for day-to-day living but with a calm and tranquil atmosphere for relaxation.”

‘We played with materials and textures to achieve this, we included natural materials like linens, woods and metals, across furniture whilst ensuring that styling was minimal and clutter free. What’s more, we also included a number of plants throughout the show home, such as ficus, calathea, aloe and philodendron in order to create a positive energy and help potential buyers feel connected to nature.”


How would you describe the design style?

‘I would describe the design style as a balance of natural curves and modern twists which blend to create a peaceful flow. By purposely placing natural woods and modern metals throughout the home, we aimed to highlight the balance of living and relaxing.’


What is your favourite interior feature/part of the home?

‘Personally, my favourite feature of The Burrows is the level of detail we were able to go to within the link to the theme of Feng Shui. The term literally translates as 'wind-water’, which we’ve reflected in the choice of coastal artwork on the walls.’

‘The bedrooms are another favourite of ours. Through the thoughtful use of texture on the headboards, bedding and the wall-to-wall curtains, we created a warm, soft and cocooning effect.’


How do you want the interiors to make the residents feel?

‘The feel of the show home is always a vital factor of the design process. Here, the home’s interiors have been designed to make the residents feel harmonised within their surroundings, calm and relaxed.’