A community vibe


How does a house become a home? And how does a housing development become a village and a community? The answer is simple – people, places, and love.

These values are at the very heart of Countryside Homes and have never been more evident than in developments across the Midlands. People who move into Countryside developments are looking for beautiful places to live and a community they can get involved with. On Countryside developments across the region we have seen communities coming together to celebrate events including the King’s coronation, Christmas, Eid, Bonfire Night, Halloween and the Platinum Jubilee with street parties and other community events.

Countryside schemes are designed with the intention of creating a community rather than simply a collection of houses. The interaction with existing homes is also considered so that, together, residents from Countryside’s development and the surrounding areas merge seamlessly to build a healthy, vibrant, thriving, and inclusive community, enhancing and building on what is already there.

Many people rediscovered a sense of community during the pandemic, when looking out for neighbours and those in our local community became more important. In some cases, neighbours who have lived side by side for years started to talk to one another for the first time. YouGov research found that nearly 40% of people believe Covid-19 enhanced the sense of community in the UK.

Moving into a new house on a new development over the past two years must have seemed quite daunting to some, but a sense of community has been nurtured from the outset on all our developments. We have seen new neighbours coming together to form book clubs, football clubs, running groups, boardgame clubs, Neighbourhood Watch organisations, volunteering groups, neighbourhood WhatsApp groups and many more community-led activities.

So, when you move into your new home, look outside of your beautiful abode and get involved in the fantastic community you are now part of.