Coming home for Christmas

Harvest Grove Street Scene

The concept of ‘home’ is an important one at Christmas. From Chris Rea to Dolly Parton, numerous singers have talked about returning to family homes to enjoy togetherness during the festive season.

For those who have recently moved into a new home, there’s a different kind of excitement at Christmas time, welcoming family, friends and loved ones to a new space, and with the possibility of creating some new traditions along the way.

Mr Singh and Ms Fenwick hope to make the first Christmas in their new Countryside home a very special one. The couple moved from a two-bedroom flat in Wolverhampton into their house at Harvest Grove in Featherstone in September and are definitely enjoying the extra space that their new semi-detached home provides.

Mr Singh intends to be the perfect host this festive period, looking forward to having his family and friends over and not having to worry about lack of space like in previous years. With children and grandchildren coming to stay for the holidays, Mr Singh and Ms Fenwick are expecting to have a house full more often than not.  “I just can’t wait for a Christmas where we are not sitting on top each other,” he says.

The couple had an extremely positive and smooth buying experience before they moved into their new home in the autumn. Now, the only stress they are left with is ensuring they have enough food and drink for all their festive visitors!