Chadderton children learn how to stay safe on site

Countryside health and safety team visit St Luke's primary

Our Manchester team has teamed up with St Luke’s CE Primary School in Chadderton to deliver an important lesson in health and safety to its pupils, following the launch of our second development in the area in just three years.

As part of our community safety initiative, Senior Operational Safety Inspector, Tom Causey, conducted an interactive assembly with the children about the importance of staying safe near building sites. 

The informative presentation highlighted the potential hazards found on and around construction sites, as well as how construction workers protect themselves while building new homes. The aim of the assembly was for every child to understand how to be safe and secure when playing near to, or walking by a construction site. 

Health and safety visit to St Luke's

The visit follows the launch of our second development in Chadderton, just three years after the opening of our successful site, Radclyffe Gardens. The popularity of the homes off Foxdenton Lane have continued to grow since Radclyffe Green opened its doors in January, with 16 buyers reserving their new home since the launch. 

Michael Lonsdale, Headteacher at St Luke’s CE Primary School, commented: “The new housing in the area is going to help support the growing community, however keeping our children safe around the work site is paramount. The assembly and talk from the staff at Countryside has given the children important guidance on how to keep safe and look after themselves and their friends during the future building work.”

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