Building our life together - at home with James and Olivia

At home with James and Olivia

Widnes Vikings player, James Chaplehow (24) and his partner Olivia Redmond (24) found their perfect three-bedroom home in 2020 after discovering the Countryside wow factor. When they first reserved, they told us it was ‘an instant attraction with Countryside’ - but how do they feel four months after moving in? We caught up with them to find out. 

James and Olivia, Wilson Chase

You’ve been settled in your new home for four months, how do you feel about the space now?


“Before we moved in, our favourite room in the house was the kitchen and it’s definitely lived up to expectations. The skylights are just amazing and we’ve turned it into a proper family living area which is definitely what we wanted when we were looking for our home. It’s perfect.” 

James and Olivia kitchen diner


“We’ve been trying to make the space our own but there wasn’t a lot we wanted to change because we genuinely love the way the home is designed. Countryside have done a great job in making the rooms feel roomy but homely at the same time. One of the main things we did was put in our own wardrobes and put a tv in the kitchen. But there wasn’t actually a lot we had to do because the home was already really good.”

Any future design projects planned in?


“The garden will definitely be our next project. Maybe a patio or some decking, but definitely a bbq area for the summer.” 

James: “The garden will be the next project but the grass has grown really well. It’s a major concern when you go into new homes - when the grass is turfed is it going to grow in patches or not grow as well. Ours has been absolutely perfect so I can’t wait now that the sun has come out a bit to start getting out there and making it our own.”

What does it feel like, owning a home together? 


“It’s been nice to have our own space together. I had an apartment before but Liv lived with her parents. It’s nice being a homeowner… you feel more independent.” 


“It’s having your own space and, for us, when we’re growing our family so soon after moving in, it’s nice to have that extra space. Even just the storage like the airing cupboard has been an absolute godsend for things like packs of nappies and wipes that you just don’t want to be left around.”


“We genuinely couldn’t be happier. When we decided to find a place and we spent time looking for the right one, I wanted to be proud of where I live and proud of what I own and I couldn’t tell you how proud I am to own this property. I feel grateful to own a house like this and when lockdown is over we can’t wait to show it off and have our friends and family round to enjoy it.”

James and Olivia baby nursery

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