Brilliant ideas for weekends at home

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Whether we live on our own or with family, we’ve all discovered lots of new ways to spend our time at home this year - some more conventional than others! But it’s safe to say that by now, most of us are quite simply running out of ideas. If the inspiration for at-home activities is drying up, why not plan some of these special events to help liven things up before freedom is finally upon us.  

Movie nights

We’re not talking about simply turning on Netflix - we mean choosing a film for the whole family. Bring the cinema to life in your very own living room! Set the right tone with minimal lighting, ensure there is a dedicated seat for everyone attending, and why not ask the children to make a cinema ticket for everyone? Popcorn is obviously a must and try to find a big bowl to serve it in - the portions are always huge at the cinema after all! 

Dressing up for dinner

Perhaps you and your partner dressed up for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you kept things casual and comfy, either way, getting spruced up is something the whole family can get involved in. Let your children choose their fanciest outfits (or whatever they think is fancy!) and set a time to be ready for a super-special dinner date. 

Dress the kitchen with candlesticks, full crockery and napkins to create as much of a restaurant-feel as possible. And if you can, have dinner prepped in advance so you can do minimal cooking in your finery. Don’t feel like cooking? Treat yourselves to a takeaway but decant the food onto your finest china. Some non-alcoholic fizz will also help to make the children feel grown up too. 


With the nights getting warmer, it might be time to venture outside, snuggle up under a blanket and look at the stars. But if the idea of stepping into the garden at night makes you feel chilly, why not admire the stars from the comfort and warmth of the other side of the glass? 

Skylight windows are perfect for this - especially if they’re above your bed or seating area - just make sure you turn off all the lights so that you can see them as clearly as possible. To create more of an event of it, you could print off some information about star constellations and really wow the ones you’re stargazing with! 

We want to know - how are you creatively using your home to make the most of your space? Tag us in your Instagram photos to share how you’re making memories together at home. Looking for a new home to make fun memories in? Be sure to take a look at our latest developments list, and find the perfect home near you.