Architects’ vision for Quartet


Quartet is the brainchild of Hackney-based Adam Khan Architects, cleverly designed to ensure every home receives plenty of sunlight, with landscaped courtyards at the heart of the development and plenty of surrounding open green space.

As Quartet replaces an outdated resident tower, the architects took the time to consult returning residents, in particular, the Haredi community. These conversations were crucial, as they influenced the detailed design of the landscape of the open space.

The architects have made sure that Quartet has been designed with a collaborative approach, meaning that the outdoor areas are treated with as much care and integrity as the inside spaces.

This has prompted the them to create a roof garden – a sanctuary where residents can enjoy their natural surroundings and take in breath-taking views. Along with the landscaped courtyards created in between the buildings and crossed by bridges used to facilitate outdoor play, it acts as a link between nature and residents’ homes.

To complement the area’s green surroundings, the apartment buildings are of earthy tones which, combined with the greenery of trees, hedges and planting, create a calm and elegant backdrop.

Residents were unanimous in that one of the best qualities of the previous building were the views of Clapton Common from their balconies, instilling a sense of calm and wellbeing. In addition to overlooking the Common, many homes at Quartet will offer stunning views of the city skyline. Furthermore, the architects have ensured that numerous trees will be planted to draw the Common in closer and provide privacy between the buildings.

Within the building, the space has been created to cater to all types of buyers. The duplexes on the ground and first floor have been designed to incorporate large kitchens and living rooms, ideal for families.

To enter the apartments, located higher up in the building, residents will go through a double-height entrance lobby, designed to ensure those living in the duplexes retain their privacy.

Once through the double-height lobbies, the communal areas will provide an opportunity for residents to meet and interact, fostering a sense of community. The entrance spaces on the ground floor will be lit from two directions; this use of light will expand the space and allow for generosity and openness. The architects have also paid close attention to the lighting within the homes. The residential spaces will have windows that open in two directions; this will offer more opportunities for daylight, direct sunlight, choice of view and a good ventilation system.

Overall, the architects’ vision has been to create spacious and contemporary homes, which act as an oasis in the heart of London, where buyers can relax and enjoy peace and quiet, surrounded by nature.