The architects’ vision for Brook Valley Gardens


Brook Valley Gardens has been designed by Alison Brooks Architects as a sustainable suburban development with residents’ needs at its heart. This new phase at Brook Valley Gardens is a major part of the wider masterplan, connecting the new community to High Barnet.

Phase three at Brook Valley Gardens will create 117 new homes which will sit along wide, tree-lined avenues created to complement the area’s green surroundings.

Brook Valley Gardens benefits from its vast amount of green spaces, and the architects have worked hard to provide residents with a sense of privacy, ensuring their gardens are not overlooked. The architects have created a clear distinction between public, semiprivate and private spaces using visual and physical separation.

Alison Brook Architects have designed the homes with care, creating a harmonious streetscape for the whole community to enjoy. The homes with parking spots and porches have been built using a layering technique, adding an extra bit of character and charm to the overall landscape.

This same thought process is seen in the design of the apartment balconies, with all balconies designed in a staggered manner, to prevent them from being overlooked. With access to day light being such an important aspect of our wellbeing, each apartment has been designed to allow for a good amount of natural light. This is achieved thanks to the positioning of the apartments and the provision of large windows to all homes.

The architects have taken their inspiration for Brook Valley Gardens from some of the best neighbourhood streets, making a note of the materials and architectural style used in the area, ensuring the new development seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

Within the homes, the architects have created spaces designed for modern living. All rooms are adaptable, and the space is perfect for those regularly working from home and looking to create a dedicated space for an office.

To encapsulate modern living, the architects have put sustainability at the forefront of Brook Valley Gardens’ design. Various measures have been taken to help reduce carbon emissions, such as rainwater harvesting, increasing local biodiversity and community recycling.

Brook Valley Gardens has been designed by Alison Brooks Architects to have a suburban ambience. It’s a place where people can lead harmonious lives knowing that every single detailed has been taken care of, both inside and outside.