5 tips for spring cleaning

Spring scene

As the snowdrops and crocuses push their way through the cold, hard ground, it is clear that spring has sprung, and we should at least think about giving our homes a deep clean.

The spring clean’s origins are in nature: following a long, dark winter of hibernation, and energised and illuminated by brighter and longer days, we have a natural urge to cleanse and renew our surroundings. However, a deep clean can be daunting so here are some top tips to break up your tasks and leave your Countryside home as sparkling and bright as when you first moved in:

  1. Shed some light on the subject: if you start by dusting your light fittings and cleaning your windows, you will make your rooms brighter, providing immediate impact and giving you a clearer view of the job at hand.
  2. Make a list: walk around the house with a critical eye and a pen and paper, making notes of areas that need particular attention or that normally get missed.
  3. Declutter: if you’ve accumulated things you don’t want or need, now is the perfect time to have a sort out. Gather clutter in the middle of the room and filter it into piles for ‘throw away’, ‘give away’ and ‘put away’.
  4. Divide and conquer: for the most efficient spring clean, go room by room as this will avoid excess time and energy spent running around the house. If you live with others, consider planning a specific day for the spring clean and assigning rooms or jobs to specific people. A sense of competition, some music and the prospect of some kind of reward might even persuade the kids to get involved!
  5. Think more broadly: spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting off the cobwebs; it’s about tackling the jobs that will give you a happier living environment. Putting up that shelf you’ve been avoiding, replacing that vase you’ve never liked, and checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are all investments in your happiness at home that will give you a sense of satisfaction as the seasons change.