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Countryside’s property webinar with Kate Faulkner helps put buyers at ease

This week, Countryside hosted a free webinar with TV property market analyst Kate Faulkner and representatives of Taylors Legal Solicitors and Stone Mortgage Solutions, followed by a Q&A. The session was aimed at providing clarity and reassurance on the buying process, helping to ensure first-time buyers, second-steppers and downsizers are armed with facts to make the best decision in their circumstances.

The session started with an overview of the property market led by Kate, during which she debunked a lot of the myths surrounding the subject. The presentation offered a valuable analysis of today’s property and mortgage markets, explaining why buying now, with interest rates at historic lows, makes so much sense. Kate explained that property prices tend to fluctuate due to economic forces and unforeseen circumstances, and the most important thing to keep in mind when making a decision about buying is the affordability of monthly mortgage payments, not the price of the property.

Attended by more than 85 people, the webinar also featured a Q&A session, as part of which Kate, with the help of representatives of Taylors Legal Advisors and Stone Mortgage Solutions answered the attendees’ questions, ranging from how taking payments for holidays may affect your credit score to lending terms that apply to those on furlough.

As expected, there were numerous questions from first-time buyers, looking to understand how they can get the best value for their money. As explained by the panellists, first-time buyers are now in a unique position to benefit from favourable mortgage rates, no stamp duty on properties costing up to £500,000, as well as incentives offered by housebuilders and the government Help to Buy scheme, requiring no more than a 5% deposit. In addition, it was noted that some mortgage lenders are currently offering incentives for first-time buyers, which may include paying for valuation fees and more.

Second steppers and downsizers can also benefit from incentives, which include Assisted Move, making it much easier to move to their dream home. Countryside offers a range of properties for all buyers and lifestyles, including sleek apartments at Dash and Quartet, spacious duplexes with generous outdoor space at New Avenue, and houses and apartments on the riverfront at Rochester Riverside, all characterised by a high specification and sought-after location.

The session, which gave buyers a flavour of the Countryside Partnerships currently on offer, was another reminder that homebuyers can still make their next move and can do so safely by attending pre-arranged on-site viewings, as well as scheduling virtual appointments with one of our experienced sales consultants to learn more.

Countryside will continue answering pre-submitted questions via email and encourages those who need further information to email  [email protected] – our expects are always on hand to help.