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Our Strategy

We are focused on operating as a more sustainable business. This is to ensure that we take a long-term view of the business, including our environmental performance, alongside our social impact while delivering an exceptional customer experience to everyone who interacts with Countryside.

1. Growth

Strong growth

Significant opportunity for multi-year double digit growth from new and existing regions in the UK market.

Our approach
  • Growth in sites under construction and open sales outlets
  • Accelerated build from mixed-tenure delivery
  • Private selling prices set to target areas of strongest demand
  • Business development solely focused on Partnerships
  • Revenue growth from increased volume
2021 highlights
  • 44% of completions from private homes
  • Private ASP to £380,000 as a result of some house price inflation within both the Partnerships and Legacy Operations business
  • Growth in the new South Midlands and Yorkshire regions, contributing 710 units
  • Conclusion of strategic review with 100% of new business development on Partnerships
  • Sustainable growth as new regions announced in 2020 and in the Home Counties develop to maturity
  • Focus on the continued growth in sales outlets
  • Continue to focus product on areas of strongest demand
  • Manage sales values to maintain affordability
  • Target net reservation rate between 0.6 and 0.8
  • Flex the tenure mix depending on levels of demand

2. Returns

Attractive returns

High ROCE can be generated from our capital efficient mixed-tenure strategy and efficient development approach.

Our approach
  • Focus on improving operating margin over the medium term
  • Improved operational efficiency from greater scale
  • Use of modular panel construction to increase asset turn
  • Lower capital model to deliver higher returns
  • Agile model allows flexibility through the cycle, protecting returns
2021 highlights
  • Adjusted operating margin increased by 550bps to 11.0% reflecting changing mix of business and recovery from Covid-19
  • 1,150bps increase in ROCE reflecting the recovery from the Covid impact in the prior year
  • Commitment to return £450m of cash from legacy operations to shareholders via share buyback programme
  • 100% Partnerships focus
  • Return to target operating margins across the Group
  • Improve operational efficiency through greater scale
  • Maintain capital discipline to drive ROCE improvement
  • Investment in growth while managing gearing levels
  • Maintain a conservative approach to net debt and invest in Partnerships growth. Reinvestment to take precedence over shareholder returns

3. Social impact

Positive social impact

Our focus is on affordable homes to buy or rent and the creation of mixed and balanced communities – places people love.

Our approach
  • Mixed-tenure development, with private, PRS and affordable homes
  • Experts at regeneration and working closely with communities
  • New developments created with our placemaking expertise focused on long-term positive outcomes
2021 Highlights
  • Measured social impact on all our developments
  • £1m Communities Fund into second year
  • £243m of social value generated, equivalent to 16% of adjusted revenue
  • Launched our new Building Communities strategy
  • Grow the Partnerships pipeline of future work 
  • Continue to focus on mixed-tenure developments
  • Continue measuring social impact of our developments
  • Communities Fund retained for another year

4. A sustainable business

Unceasing focus on sustainability

We re-use land whenever possible, and build high-quality low-maintenance homes in the most sustainable way, leveraging our significant investment in MMC.


Our approach
  • Record of incremental environmental impact reduction and social value generation
  • Strong culture of ethical and responsible decision making
2021 Highlights
  • Launched new approach to sustainability
  • Set science-based targets
  • Launched pathway to net zero report
  • Made further progress in modular construction
  • Committed to Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures disclosure by 2022
  • Report the changes needed in the regulatory environment to the Sustainability Committee, particularly the use renewable heating systems in homes and net biodiversity gains on sites
  • Continued investment in modern methods of construction including modular panel capabilities