Countryside staff on phone at Leicester office Countryside staff on phone at Leicester office


Countryside are committed to building ‘Places that People Love’. We strive to achieve that by engaging with our stakeholders to ensure their needs and expectations are met whether ethical, social or environmental and that their Human Rights are upheld.

We have in place a set of core values which are applicable to all our staff and those we partner and who work for us on our behalf.


Countryside is not just about bricks and mortar - our placemaking skills make a difference to people's lives in the communities we create.


People are at the heart of our business - we invest in our team at all levels, embracing diversity and inclusion. We are focused on creating a sense of belonging for our purchasers, suppliers and partners. 


We are passionate about everything we do today, and are proud about the legacy we leave behind. We care deeply about creating places people love. 

To deliver high levels of financial and sustainable returns for our shareholders, our sustainability strategy focuses on four key priority objectives.

  • Management – To apply sound social, environmental and quality management systems across the Company’s operations.
  • Social and Ethical To strive for continuous health and safety improvement and promote social and ethical ‘best practice’
  • Sustainability – To strive for continual environmental performance improvement, thereby reducing the Company’s environmental impacts
  • Community- To promote and build sustainable communities.
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Our Policies and Corporate Objectives set out our commitment to reduce our effect on the environment, operate in a safe and ethical way and strive for continual improvement in all we do.

Strong and structured governance is key to achieving this as is the support and participation of our staff, and our supply chain.