Kingsmere, Bicester, Oxfordshire, exterior Kingsmere, Bicester, Oxfordshire, exterior

Kingsmere, Bicester

Kingsmere Community and Youth Centre thrives in its first year
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New homes
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Acres including new community facilities, schools, a hotel and employment space
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2010 - 2025

​​​​​​Kingsmere is a high quality urban extension to Bicester, one of the fastest growing towns in Europe. It includes new family housing, schools, day nursery, extensive sports pitches and playing fields, and other community facilities incorporated in a new village centre.

Kingsmere has been successfully promoted and developed in a joint venture partnership.  Countryside has been responsible for securing planning permission, creating the landscape-led masterplan and managing the extensive infrastructure works, including a new bypass and works to the A41.

The quality of place and commitment to early infrastructure delivery has given the local authority confidence to allocate a second phase of development for 700 homes.

Kingsmere, Bicester, Oxfordshire, Primary School

St Edburg's Primage School, Kingsmere