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Covid-19 Relief Programme - Acton Gardens

In April 2020, the Acton Gardens Community Centre, London Development Trust (LDT) in partnership with the Acton Mutual Aid Group and Bollo Brook Youth Centre launched the “Acton Gardens Emergency Relief and Food Distribution' programme with support from several partners. 

The programme sought to address the food insecurity amongst households in Acton Gardens, through the provision of food and other relief packages. 

The partnership developed a number of projects in response to the crisis and to support residents in Acton Gardens. These included: 

  • Food Distribution (Ambient Goods, Fruit & Vegetables and Hot Meals) 
  • Creative Art Packs 
  • Digital Tablets (Digital Inclusion) 
  • Face Masks production 

These projects were particularly aimed at local people in need such as low-income families, lone parents, carers and the elderly. To this effect between 300 – 400 households in and around Acton Gardens were reached each Tuesday and Thursday. 

The methodology used for this report was primary and secondary data including qualitative and quantitative project data, project documents, and research collected through desk-based research and on- the-ground data collection by our team and from partner organisations.