Fresh Wharf - CGI 2 Fresh Wharf - CGI 2

Apprentice - Fresh Wharf

Khushvinder Sarao was referred to Countryside by Barking & Dagenham’s job brokerage team. We arranged for an interview and could tell that Khush was committed to getting qualified.

As a mature apprentice with family commitments, he knew the sacrifice he would need to make but he also knew that it would be worth the effort in the long term.  

We spoke to Khush’s college and were pleased to hear that he was an excellent student and that the college would be more than happy to transfer him onto an Apprenticeship but requested that the theory elements of the course be done on a weekly block release basis. 

Our project at Fresh Wharf was due to commence and Khush made an ideal candidate. 

Apprentice on site learning
Khush, centre, on site at Fresh Wharf

During Khush’s initial review he scored highly across the board and his supervisor said that his work ethic was “excellent and better than any other apprentice”. This was great to hear and even more so as it was after only three weeks.

All Khush’s reviews that followed, whether it was with his supervisor, the college, or his assessor, were the same – outstanding.  

We discussed with Khush the importance of enhancing the tool kit we had provided, but we also knew that his finances were tight, so we decided to purchase his first power tools for him. Our supply chain partner JD Geerings, has now taken Kush on as a full time employee.